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Pharma packaging International quality.

With Velpack, your pharma brand reputation is in trusted hands. You get people who eat, breathe, live printing for exports. With deep experience in the processes for export compliance in folding carton printing. You get folding cartons printed with the finest technology available. Everyone concerned with your decision will be made to look good. Now, why wouldn’t all that for your brand?



The problems with printing for regulated markets

Exports of pharmaceutical products to regulated markets is governed by laws

First and foremost, vendors and suppliers to pharmaceutical marketers in the West have to adhere to local laws of the country in which the products are manufactured. Second, they have to adhere to compliance standards laid down by the EU and FDA, as appropriate.

Compliance to regulations is audited strictly by 3rd-party auditors and clients

To ensure compliance, the buyers of pharmaceutical products abroad ensure audits of vendors, suppliers, even secondary suppliers to ensure that processes and practices implemented are strict, down the supply chain.

Adhering to regulations is tough, but bidding goodbye to business is worse

The regulations affect the way the doors open in your factory, fire safety standards, process standards, worker privileges and compensation, technology involved with a wide variety of print finishes including Varnishes and Coatings, Micro Printing, Braille, Micro Embossing. The PR fall-outs of poor compliance are heavy for your clients, and you, and your vendors. It's virtually good bye to business.

Compliance can save you negative PR and your business. Price alone can’t.

Because of compliance, quality requirements and more, the vendor economics in the folder carton printing business have changed. Price is still important. But compliance and processes are more important. And that's exactly where Velpack adds value to your business.

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