6 great reasons why you should choose Velpack for your next folding carton project

We will make you look good. Always.

Looking good means great quality of the finished product, zero PR fallouts because of compliance, at a great price. Now that would make you look great in front of your colleagues, boss, and export clients.


With Velpack, you’re assured of

60+ Years

devoted to folding cartons for pharmaceutical companies the world over.
People who breathe, eat and sleep printing. People who obsess over process.


38,000 sq ft
factory in Mahape, Navi Mumbai,
where each day, we have the capacity to roll out
2,000,000 folding cartons
600,000 inserts



ISO 9001:2015
BRC Packaging
PS 9000:2011
We're ahead of the industry when it comes to certifications having embraced the standards that are the future in folding carton printing.