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Pharma Packaging of International Quality

With Velpack your brand reputation is in trusted hands. You will interact with people with a deep understanding and years of experience in manufacturing packaging material, particularly for the pharmaceutical industry. We are packaging experts who understand the specific requirements and compliances for packaging materials, especially those required for pharma exports. You will get folded cartons and inserts printed and manufactured with the finest technology. We will always make your product and brand look good.



Manufacture of Packaging Materials for the Regulated Markets

Exports of pharmaceutical products to regulated markets is governed by stringent laws

Suppliers to the international regulated pharmaceutical industry have to adhere to specific laws and compliance standards laid down by the international country, including but not limited to stringent standards set by the FDA and the EU.

Compliance to regulations is audited by clients and third party auditors

To ensure compliance, international pharmaceutical companies conduct detailed audits of vendors either directly or through third party auditing companies.

Adhering to stringent regulations is a non-negotiable

There are prescribed manufacturing standards which are to be strictly followed. In addition, there are also a number of health and safety standards which are to be complied with. Any non-compliance of these regulations would result in loss of business.

The promise of high, consistent quality and compliance

Velpack adds value to your business with our promise of consistent, high quality supplies and strict compliance to local as well as international standards and regulations. There are no shortcuts taken in our delivery of premium quality packaging materials.

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